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Music Is Hope

A Statement of Faith

In loving memory of


November 11, 1976


Today, I want to thank you My Lord, for all the things I never thanked you for:

Those things which are so basic a part of everyday life, and whose value we overlook.

I thank you, my Lord, for being able to chew, to taste food while swallowing it without difficulty.

I thank you, my God, for being able to speak and communicate with others; for being able to tell where I feel the pain that afflicts me.

I thank you, my God, for being able to walk. I promise you not to admit sadness or sorrow in my soul when my shoes are old and worn out.

I thank you, my God, for the ability to move about and because I can turn around in my bed to alleviate my fatigue, even when I am tired and suffering insomnia.

Finally, I thank you, my God, because I can shout and cry when I return from competition in the world, when my heart is torn apart because of greed, when I feel dejected for lack of love, and when I am possessed by envy toward those who have more material possessions than me.

I thank you mainly because when crying I can still lift up my hand and wipe off my tears.

Beginning today, I promise you, O Lord, not to suffer needlessly and not to look at those who seemingly have more than me.

Indeed, I promise you to look at those who have less than me and lift up my eyes, which still can see the sky, to ask you for courage when suffering makes me afraid. I promise to thank you every moment of my life for all you have given me.

This prayer was composed by María Magaly Boraby in April, 1976, during the time of her illness, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a few months before her death on November 11, 1976.

During that time she could no longer perform the actions of which she wrote.